Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Power of Christ Compels You!!!

People either love or hate scary movies. I love them. I'm not talking about the gore-fests where a self absorbed prosti-tot meets the business end of machete by a psycho who never worked out his "mommy issues." I'm talking about the movies that leave you jittery as you walk out of the theater, cause you to pray to Jesus as you drive home vowing to attend church on a regular basis, and falling to sleep only if every light in the house is on and there is a crucifix somewhere in the vicinity of your bed.

Unfortunately, there have been more mediocre and bad movies than good ones. During a particularly horrible movie called "The Unborn" I nearly got thrown out of the movie for "booing." Yet hope springs eternal so I keep going. This week, I wasn't disappointed. I went to go see "The Rite." It deals with the subject of demon possession, a subject that scares the hell out of me. Honestly, if my children were possessed by a demon, I would tie them up and drop them off at the nearest Catholic Church. I'm not a Catholic but let's face it, they have the best track record. What makes this movie all the scarier **spoiler alert** is the fact that it is a seasoned Catholic exorcist that gets possessed. Needless to say, this one met all my criteria but if you're terrified of glandular, machete-weilding freaks you probably aren't going to like it as much as Halloween V. Seriously though, Anthony hasn't been that creepy since the Silence of the Lambs. You should see it, the power of Christ compels you.

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